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About Rehearsal Albums

How this works:

  1. To give cast/band members audio copies of the songs, you need to pay for each Digital Album.
  2. The smallest possible cast is 6 people.
  3. We reduce the rate you pay for each additional copy of the full album (13 songs) AFTER you've licensed your production and purchased the Play Script & Lead Sheets.
  4. We will send you a link to purchase discounted versions of the album. Each cast member can buy their own copy OR you can pay for all of them. Just tell us what you want. (If you need to add cast members at a later time, we can easily send another link, so just let us know. )
  5. As an alternative, cast/band members can buy their own downloads through Apple iTunes . The big difference is cost – buying here (directly from the artist) saves you about 50% per copy.
  6. This license is LIMITED. You won't get permission to do any other resales or distribution to those not affiliated with your production .